PR & Media Kit

Hi we are Boditone, a collaboration of three fitness freaks with different levels of experience and qualifications, but one thing in common a love of fitness.

We would be perfect for you, if you are aiming to target the following:  women across all ages who have an interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness, who either workout regularly and want to up their game, or women  that might just be starting on their fitness journey.  Our blog and website is for busy, time deficient women who need workouts that are functional and can fit into everyday life.  We believe that we can inspire women of all ages to get fit for life.

We offer an online membership to our Boditone tribe, which enables them to access online video workouts, along with advice on healthy eating.  We regularly post on our blog and also speak to our followers via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is not our main occupation we each have busy lives.

Sarah works full time within her own gym,  where everything that we are offering our Boditone Tribe is put into practice. As well as teaching adult fitness  Sarah’s and her husband run established and well respected kickboxing classes. Sarah has a degree in Sports Science.

Katie has until recently been a branch manager for a well know high street bank, she is also a qualified nutritionist to level2. Slightly mad, has a variety of interests including tap dancing and yoga – obviously  not at the same time.

Naomi  has had a passion for fitness for decades, many moons ago Naomi  worked in advertising as a Production Manager, once the kids came along Naomi made the decision to become  a partner in the family engineering company.  Naomi is a qualified fitness instructor and recently completed her personal training exams.

You will notice that we don’t have any stats to convince you to work with us, this is a new venture and as we grow we will be sure to update you.


Publish pre-written content, free advertising or brand collaborations without payment,

Giveaways – at the moment as this is a new world for the three of us, we are unable to offer giveaways, simply because we have not checked out any legal implications involved, as soon as we have we will hopefully be able to offer this to you.


We do offer sponsored posts, there is a limit to the amount of sponsored posts we can offer each month,  there is a waiting list which you can join should you like to work with us in the future.  All sponsored posts will be written in our own words and will be a true reflection of our opinions.. Due to legalities we will always make it clear that the post has been sponsored and all links in connection with this will be no follow links, in accordance with Google’s guidelines.  We accept sponsored posts based on whether we love the brand and if we also feel that it will be relevant to our followers.