Catherine, Boditone member

Trials and Tribulations of a Boditone Member – 1st Installment.


Catherine's Journey As A Boditone Member.

Catherine one of our very first Boditone members, has very graciously agreed to share her journey on finding a longer term solution for her fitness.  We think Catherine's story will really resonate with our members and those of you who follow us on social media.  Catherine is a 37 year old mum of two, she works part time as a Research Associate, writing programmes to challenge sexism and gender inequality in schools.  Catherine has flirted with her fitness goals over the years, favouring sporadic intensity over progressive longevity.  She's tried kickboxing, aerobics, running, gym membership and every other class in-between.  The only thing to stick is swimming, however it's not enough on it's own to stop the weight creeping back on.  Catherine's fitness goals are about consistency and sustainability now, which is why she's joined Boditone.

My Journey So Far.

Infused with new beginnings and new resolutions many of us are going hurtling towards our latest fitness goal, equipped with the relevant DVD, gym membership or diet book, in January. Then February hits and it begins to get harder and harder to stay on the exercise wagon.


All these workout fads are usually centred on quick fixes for optimum results depicted by images blurred by airbrushing and diet pills. The reality is that any new habit or behaviour can take up to three months to demonstrate a difference, whether that’s in your state of mind or waistline.


I’ve flirted with my fair share of fitness classes and DVDs. I’ve become irked by Davina’s skipping joke and nodded along in agreement with Jillian Michaels as she states, for the hundredth time, that ‘results don’t come for free’.


I’ve joined gyms and become addicted to the rush of exercise endorphins, then I hit my physical happy place and start celebrating with wine and cheese. I’m not adverse to hard work, however I’m no longer looking for a ‘quick fix’ or an ‘all or nothing’ approach.


I want something I can stick to, which challenges me and fits in with my lifestyle. I want to be able to tap into a community of like-minded people who can give me advise, set me targets and keep me going, and I want to vary my workouts so I’m not exhausting myself and ensuring that I’m seeing results.


Oh, and I don’t want it to cost me an extortionate amount every month.


You see; I’m no longer lusting after a body drastically different to the one I’ve got. I know that I could be fitter and leaner, which is why I’m keen to get on an exercise plan that works, however it’s more about how I feel in myself than attempting to look like, well, someone on the front of a workout DVD.


Doesn’t sound like too much to ask does it? I don’t think so either, which is why I’ve signed up to Boditone and been brave enough to stand for one of those wonderful sports-bra-and-legging shots that show me in all my post-Christmas glory so I can see exactly how far I’ve come when I hit that significant three-month-mark.


I want to be clear and say I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way I am. We come in all different shapes and sizes, which is something that should be celebrated. Over the past year all of my fitness has come from swimming. I’ve ventured outdoors and jumped into cold water, swam in rivers and a quarry. My body is strong and I’m so grateful for that. This strength is something I want to build on and maintain so that I can be the very best version of myself.


Bring it on.





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