Gluten Free Vegetable Hot Pot

A Healthy One Pot, Gluten Free Vegetable Hot Pot

This is one of our old favourites which comes out as the weather gets colder. It is perfect for those damp and cold winter nights and has a real homely kind of feel to it. There are a couple of naughty ingredients included like the cheese and nuts, this is because they have a higher fat content than all the other ingredients.  The basic recipe is not lactose free as I add cheese on the top. However, you can follow the notes below to change the topping to create a lactose free version. If you are a real meat eater and can’t bear the thought of another veggie meal, add strips of either chicken or turkey to the lower part of the dish where the stock is and it will cook thoroughly in the hour.

You will see in the photos below how  I layer the dish up as it looks really attractive if you arrange the vegetables in a fan like shape (anyone with a bit of OCD, I hope will appreciate the look).  This dish can be prepared ahead and just left to cook on those busy nights when there are 20 other things to do!!!


¼ Swede, sliced thinly

¼ Butternut Squash, sliced thinly

1 Red Onion, chopped small

3 Carrots, sliced

½ Celeriac, sliced thinly

1 Parsnip, sliced

1 courgette sliced

1tsp of mixed herbs

1 Knorr veg stock cube, (knorr stock cubes are gluten free) 400 ml of boiling water.

4 x sweet potatoes, sliced thinly (for gluten free version)

4 x potatoes, sliced thinly

80 grams Cashew Nuts, chopped

50 g grated cheese

Normal Version


1 – Pre heat oven to 180C

2 – Start to layer up the sliced vegetables, starting with the denser ones first like swede and celeriac, then butternut squash.

3 - Add a layer of the nuts and onion, then the sliced carrots and parsnips, then another layer of nuts and onion. Then use a layer of courgette, and finish with a layer of potatoes.

4 – Pour over the stock and cover with grated cheese, bake in the over for a 1 hour or until the potatoes are baked and cheese gives a crunchy topping.




Lactose Intolerant Version

1 – As above 1-3, however finish with sliced sweet potatoes, add stock and cover the dish  with either a lid or foil, to ensure the potatoes don’t dry out.

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