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The benefits of using weights in your workout

Using weights in your workout plays and important part in bringing about real changes in the way your body looks and functions.

If you are spending hours in the gym, but wondering why you still have not achieved the lean, toned physique you have been working for, we can help. The secret lies in strength training.  I know this might make some of you think we want to encourage you to become too big or muscly.  I promise that is not what we want for you either.  Our aim is to give you the best possible chance to bring about real changes in the way your body looks and functions.

Traditionally women have spent more time on cardio, not realising the many benefits that strength training can bring them.  Hopefully we can remedy that and encourage you to try some of our weighted workouts, which we believe can contribute significantly to the fit, lean body you desire.

Lifting heavy weights  - you can go heavier!

Unless you are a complete beginner you need to be lifting about 75-80 percent of what you could possibly manage. By lifting heavy you will be pushing your muscles to the point they want to give up – where you literally cannot do one more repetition.  The reason for working at this intensity is to help you create lean muscle.

Using weights in your workout will help to create lean muscle

This is achieved by lifting weights, creating micro tears, which in turn repair and build lean tissue, replacing flab with toned hard muscle.  Don’t panic no Arnies here – you would have to be following a very specific diet and training regime – we won’t be doing this style of training. We don’t want to turn women into bodybuilders, we are aiming to help them realise that muscle is vital to how their bodies look, a pound of muscle takes up less space within our bodies than a pound of fat.

Muscles are efficient fat burners

Yes you can lose weight by doing just cardio, however if you want to achieve and maintain a toned, lean body, then strength training is a must.

Creating lean muscle tissue makes our bodies much more efficient fat burners.  Lean muscles use more calories than fat, even when your body is at rest.  Yes we know that gaining muscle won’t necessarily result in weight reduction, this is why we feel inch loss is more important.  Scales may be disheartening and not really show the changes that have taken place within your body or be a true reflection of how your body looks once you have replaced fat with lean muscle.

Health benefits of using weights in your workout

Working with weights not only improves our performance and the way we look, it also plays an important role in how our bodies function and has been proven to benefit our health in many ways:

  • Improved muscle strength.
  • Weight management.
  • Improved posture.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Protection of joints from injury.
  • Increased muscle to fat ratio.


We are not all about the weights and yes of course  cardio should play an important part within your workouts. To give you the best route to a healthier body we believe a varied exercise programme is the key to success.

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