Why is it important to combine cardio and strength training?

It’s not all about spending hours in the gym on cardio equipment.

As busy women you need an efficient workout that can fit into your day and provide real results. This can be achieved by giving you a varied exercise programme combining weights and cardio based workouts.

It's about training smart

Too much cardio can be detrimental to achieving the fit, lean body you are working for.  It could actually contribute to muscle loss, putting the body into a catabolic state. This means it will burn away any muscle gains, which in turn will slow down your metabolism, making it harder to lose fat.  Don’t panic, we know cardio is important and our routines will still give you cardio junkies the burn you are looking for, just in a much more efficient way.

 Combining strength and cardio is the best route to a lean, toned body

The Boditone workouts are created around the principles of HIIT, boxing and strength training.  By combining these styles of routines, we are giving you the best route to a lean, toned body.  HIIT syle workouts are performed at high intensity over short periods of time.  Meaning they are great for beginners, as a few seconds of exercise is manageable for most people to aim for.  For more experienced fanatics, HIIT routines ensure you can keep pushing your boundaries and increasing strength and fitness levels without boredom setting in.  HIIT workouts are efficient calorie burners and can be as beneficial as an hour jog on a treadmill.

Cardio alone won’t necessarily give you the body you are after, which is why we use a combination of cardio and weighted routines, such as our Bodifit, Bodisculpt and Bodibox workouts. This gives you the most efficient route to developing fitness and creating lean muscle.

We know that as well as overall fitness, weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is also important to you. In order to help with this it is essential that we give you the right methods to create lean muscle, this can be achieved through resistance work using weights.

If you're loosing weight, the numbers on the scales might give you a buzz, but your body won’t necessarily look the way you want, it is muscle that gives you a toned physique and helps with fat loss.

With this in mind, our routines use a mixture of HIIT and resistance work giving you the best possible chance, to not only  improve your cardio fitness but also to gain lean muscle, which is essential to blast fat and create the body you are working for.

We have tried and tested our workouts on real women like you and know that by giving you a varied exercise programme, we are giving you the key to success.


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