Why is having the proper exercise form so important?

“It’s quality not quantity that counts”.

I know you have probably heard it time and time again, believe it or not it is actually true.

I  admit I was one of those people that would politely listen to an instructor but then carry on in my own way, firmly believing the more I did of an exercise, the better. After several injuries which interrupted and sometimes stopped my workout schedule, I realised that I needed to start listening more to the professionals.

It’s worth getting professional advice on the correct exercise techniques and practices, it really will make a difference, avoiding injuries and getting better results.

The Boditone members area provides you with instructional videos to help you achieve the best form for each type of exercise.

The proper exercise form means you will avoid injury

It takes effort to perform movements included in any workout routine, if we don’t get our form correct we can end up placing our body weight in the wrong area, this can cause your body to overstrain.  Performed incorrectly, exercises can cause discomfort or injury which could lead to downtime in your training.  Using correct form means we minimize the effect impact has on our spine and joints. For instance whilst performing squats it is essential that weight is distributed through the back, quads and hamstrings – otherwise your knees may pay the price for not paying proper attention to the movement being performed.

It will help you to exercise efficiently

If we learn the correct movements to start with it avoids the trap of inappropriately performed exercise which could result in little or no beneficial effect.  By starting off correctly we can help teach our body the right way to move instead of picking up bad habits which are harder to correct.

Less can be more – don’t assume the heavier weight  lifted or the more repetitions, will give you the best benefits.  If you are new to exercise or maybe not seeing the results from your current routines, it would be worthwhile thinking about doing less reps and using lighter weights, until you have mastered the correct posture and movement.  It may take slightly longer to get the results you are after, but by adopting the correct form you will be putting less strain on your joint/ligaments and tendons, whilst putting all the effort into using the muscles you are targeting.  Once you have mastered the moves you can increase your reps and weights, knowing that the energy you are using to perform the movement correctly is working the right muscles rather than wasting effort on an exercise that is bringing you no benefits.


Optimise your result by using the proper exercise form

By exercising correctly you will conserve energy and increase your performance.  Adopting good posture from the outset will ensure your body is in the correct alignment, helping you target the right areas, ensuring we are firing up the correct muscles for the move involved, this will help improve your strength, speed and flexibility. Correct technique means you will be using your body in the most efficient manner giving you quicker results.

We have included within our member’s area an instructional library of over 70 short videos where Sarah will take you through the correct form and posture for the moves within our workouts.  Before you get going with any of our routines it would be worth taking a look. If you're not yet a member then join today to access this library and much more.

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