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Hi I’m Sarah  a 38-year-old mum.  As a youngster, I’d always participated in sport, mainly netball and athletics and still today thrive on physical activity.

Having battled with food and how I look aesthetically for years I threw myself seriously into exercising.  At about 18 years old I started ‘banging’ the gym, convinced that cardio was the way forward.

I was seeking results that were not possible to achieve while exercising in that way, but I continued to push hard, unaware of the alternatives.

I discovered kickboxing at 20 and I quickly realised that I was good at it. Having worked in a pressurised sales environment most of my working life, the gym/kickboxing helped immensely to combat stress levels, and my body started to change shape. I loved the adrenaline ‘hit’ session after session, the impact it had on my upper body musculature, my core strength and the boost to my anaerobic fitness levels.

At 31 years old I gave up my sales career and went to university as a mature student to study Sports Science, coaching, and personal training.  Following this my husband and I quit our jobs, opened our own gym which has since grown from strength to strength with a devoted following.

My training has evolved immensely over the years and despite being twenty years older, aesthetically and physically , I have achieved a much greater level of fitness.

Regardless of what the publications promoted , I had to develop an optimum training programme for myself.  I combined resistance work (great for fat burn/tone) with HIIT and boxing training  providing a great overall workout.

I feel proud to be able to pass my knowledge and experiences on to others and positively impact their stress levels, well-being and how they feel about their physical appearance.

Helping other people reach their fitness goal by creating the Boditone library of on-demand workouts. As a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, it’s my role to create safe, enjoyable, effective workouts for the Boditone tribe.

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  1. sarah nicholls
    sarah nicholls says:

    Just completed my first session using the beginners boot camp. Loved it!! I’m so unfit. Feels good to be back training x

    • Naomi
      Naomi says:

      Hi Sarah
      Really pleased that you have joined us. Really good to hear that someone has tried one of the workouts, especially as it’s a positive response.
      Keep us updated with how you get on. Sarah is going to be filming again in the next couple of weeks, so if there is anything you would like to see more of please let us know.

      Naomi x


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