Naomi’s story

Hi, I’m Naomi, a 45-year-old, flawed fitness fanatic.  Flawed,  because although I love exercise, I also like to eat chocolate.  I’m working on balancing food and fitness - if I could have Katie’s discipline with food coupled with my workout ethic – well that would be perfect.

I’ve tried just about every type of fitness class, focussing especially on cardio fitness. Never once would I have stepped into the weights area of a gym. When I met Sarah, I was skeptical about her classes (sorry Sarah). I just could not imagine how I would achieve a good workout unless I slogged it out on a treadmill.

But after one session with Sarah, I was hooked. The combination of HIIT, boxing and weights has made me stronger, fitter and far more energised than I have ever been before.

My love of all things to do with fitness did not begin in a good way.  As a young adult, I developed an obsession with exercise that had nothing at all to do with any health benefits. It actually had the reverse effect, making me ill and stressed.  Fortunately I came to realise that over exercising was not great for my body or mind. By educating myself about the benefits of exercising in the right way, I am now able to ensure that our Boditone workouts provide our members with a better route to a fitter, healthier body.

When my children came along, I didn’t have the time or energy for any sort of exercise routine. It took me a while to make fitness a priority in my life again, but once I did, I felt so much better, mentally and physically.

In order to help other people discover the benefits of making fitness part of their lives, I decided to create Boditone with Sarah and Katie,  to further my knowledge I have trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Keeping fit takes motivation, time and commitment, which is hard given the 101 things that need to happen in daily life.

I like to make sure that my workouts are functional, efficient and can fit easily into my daily routine.  As a Boditone tribe leader, I’m here to help you integrate your workouts and healthy eating into everyday life.

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