Katie’s story

Hello, I am Katie, a wild-haired, slightly eccentric 45-year-old health and fitness enthusiast.  I have been fascinated by healthy food since I was 13 when I became a vegetarian, much to the dissapointment of my family (meat and two veg fans). I just didn’t like the taste, texture or the thought of eating another living creature.

PE was not my thing at school, and I would do anything to get out of cross-country - some of my excuses were quite inventive, but we won’t go there! I didn’t fall in love with fitness until I discovered THE GYM.

I have tried most forms of exercise including swimming, running, cycling, weights, aerobics classes, hiking, martial arts, aqua aerobics, netball, skiing, abseiling, Zumba, surfing, all forms of dance, yoga and Tai Chi.

I was diagnosed with asthma and I realised quite quickly, that certain foods had an impact on my breathing, my ability not only to exercise, but also to do general day-to-day activities.  This cemented my belief in food being the route to a healthy body  and if the right food is eaten the body will work at its optimum.

I met my husband on a sports holiday, and together we enjoy a very healthy active lifestyle. About 3yrs ago, during training for his first Ironman, my husband was diagnosed as celiac and lactose intolerant. The dieticians he saw gave him a leaflet of what he couldn’t eat, and that was about it.  It seemed insurmountable, but in fact has taken my understanding of nutrition to another level. We needed to create a diet for a man taking part in ultra-endurance events, who basically couldn’t eat much.

I decided to increase my knowledge and gain an understanding of how I could help him further by completing  a level 2 nutritional course. Now our diet has never been better: all food is fresh and mostly plant based, providing everything needed for a demanding fitness regime.

As a Boditone tribe leader, I’ll be giving you hints, tips, and receipes  based on the knowledge I have gained around eating the right food to fuel your fitness, helping your body make the most out of our Boditone workouts.

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