Watch the video intro above. This is a level 2 sample workout (we offer levels 1 to 3 in our members area, 1 being the easiest). Click here to access the full workout.

BodiSculpt is a weighted workout helping to reduce body fat, improve flexibility and burn calories more efficiently.

Some women believe that they need to spend gruelling hours on cardio exercise to achieve the results they are looking for.  Let us assure you, that this is not always the case.  Strength training (Bodisculpt) should be used in combination with cardio (Bodifit) for the best results..  Maybe by using the cardio machines they can see the calories ticking away, whilst performing a weighted workout the calorie burn is not so easy to recognise.  By ignoring weights and resistance exercises they are missing out on the huge benefits that a weight based workout can bring.

Creating more lean muscle mass will help you achieve a toned athletic look, this is due to the fact that muscular tissue takes up less space within the body than fat tissue. It might sound frightening to say that you need to gain muscle mass,  but don’t worry our Bodisculpt workouts are designed to build lean muscle not bulk,  by doing this your body will burn more fat, raising the metabolic rate.  Putting it simply your metabolism requires more calories per day to sustain muscle, at rest you still burn calories creating what is commonly known as the afterburn effect.

View the Boditone video collection. Our aim is to give you a flavour of the workouts in our members area before you join the tribe.

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