Watch the video intro above. This is a level 2 sample workout (we offer levels 1 to 3 in our members area, 1 being the easiest).Click here to access the full workout.

BodiFit is a cardio routine for all levels of fitness, using the principles of HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) to fluctuate the heart rate. This workout combines high-intensity periods of activity with low-intensity recovery periods, encouraging the body to burn calories while maintaining muscle mass for optimal results.

Due to the short bursts of intense activity, the Bodifit workout is a much more efficient route to fitness than a traditional cardio routine. Bodifit is quick and convenient, can be done anytime, anywhere, getting you fitter in less time.

View the Boditone video collection. Our aim is to give you a flavour of the workouts in our members area before you join the tribe.

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