Watch the video intro above. This is a level 1 sample workout (we offer levels 1 to 3 in our members area, 1 being the easiest). Click here to access the full workout.

A workout focusing on your butt, giving you the exercises you need to help reduce the effects of age and gravity.

The way towards achieving a great butt is by targeting the right muscles. The exercises included in the Bodibutt routines will activate the glutes and hamstrings, which will lift, sculpt and shrink your butt.

To see the benefits of literally “working your butt off”, you need to increase lean muscle mass and decrease your body fat, the best way to achieve this is through healthy eating and incorporating one of our BodiHiit workouts into your routine.

View the Boditone video collection. Our aim is to give you a flavour of the workouts in our members area before you join the tribe.

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